Thursday, January 30, 2014

Great Way to Start the Year!

The 2014 show season is officially under way for RSS!  This past Sunday, Hotty and I took a trip to Full Gallop Farm in Aiken, SC to run the Novice.  With Bonnie's help, I have been working very hard to get Hotty more through and into the connection.  It showed in our dressage test.  Though our score wasn't as good as it needs to be, there was definitely improvement in the way that Hotty went and how relaxed she was.  In both SJ and XC, she started out a bit rusty, but she improved as the courses went on.  By the end of each course, I felt like I had the Hotty I am used to.  She is a lot like Bug in that she's a random mix of bold and careful, though I don't think she has nearly as much cockiness as Bug does!  She wants to do what's right and truly loves her job.  She ended up being 7th in a big division of 19.

In order to make sure she is 100% confident, I will do two more Novices at Sporting Days and Paradise Farm with her in the next few weeks before trying to move up to Training in March.  Of course, all is dependent on what she tells me.  

Bug is feeling great as well!  We have been working hard on the connection to improve both our dressage and jumping.  He is getting cheekier as time passes, so I know his fitness is definitely on the upswing.  His first outing will be Pine Top in the Open Intermediate in a week and a half!

The sales and training horses are all coming along nicely as well, and I hope to get some of them out and about as the season really starts to swing into action.

I am saying a lot of prayers that this year is a great one!

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