Friday, February 4, 2011

Kicking off the rust...

This has sure been an interesting winter, as far as the weather goes.  I have been trying very hard to keep up with riding, but it sure hasn't been easy!  I know that we have had it pretty easy compared to other places, but it still hasn't been a good winter for riding!  I have had to get pretty creative.  I'm hoping that spring is right around the corner, because I think I can speak for myself and the ponies when I say, "We're sick of this!"
Win the War has gotten too big for his britches. :) Sammi braids Firedrake.

It's official...the 2011 show season has begun!  Bug and I headed off to Aiken this past Tuesday for a dressage lesson with Kim Severson in preparation for the Full Gallop Horse Trials the next day, Feb 2nd.  Bug's dressage has been getting steadily better.  Kim was happy with how much progress I've made both in my position and with Bug.  I am not a natural dressage rider, nor have I had strict instruction in it for very long.  Bug would much rather be galloping around and jumping than trotting around in the arena.  We still have much work to do, but isn't that always the case?
My good friends and adopted NC family, Jenny and Sammi Majors, also made the trip down to SC with me.  Sammi and her horse, Firedrake, were competing in their first Training together.  Sammi is an excellent rider, and her mom, Jenny, is an excellent eye on the ground.  She's been helping me with my dressage, as I don't get to see Kim as much as I'd like.  I am determined to get my flatwork up to par!
Wednesday's performance at Full Gallop was definitely useful for knocking off the rust!  Bug and I were entered in one of the two Open Prelim divisions.  I had assumed since Bug hadn't gone XC since last fall, that he would be a bit fresh.  Fresh was an understatement.  haha  He warmed up beautifully for dressage, and when we got in the arena, that fell apart.  He was so exuberant to be at a show again, that everything fell apart.  He went on to show his excitement in the show jumping as well, costing us 2 rails.  Everyone that knows Bug, knows that he is not a rail taker.  He just decided that Prelim was too small, and he didn't need to pay attention.   
The first fence of SJ.  He was being a star at this point. :)

I decided before ever entering the start box, that I was going to go very slow.  I wanted Bug to pay attention and get the job done.  I did NOT want to be the scary person on XC.  We were almost a minute over time, but I was pleased with his round.  He was very ADD, but he answered all of the questions and was much better about coming back to me.  
Getting our gallop on!

I think we have successfully knocked the rust off, and I am looking forward to the next outing!  Both he and Renn will be going to The Ark Frostbite series on Feb 12.  Bug will be doing 2 dressage tests plus the Prelim horse trial.  Renn is doing the Training horse trial.  It should be exciting!  

Some more exciting news!  Rocky Start has acquired two new horses.  Valid Adventure, "Avery," is my new resale project.  He is a 2007 bay TB gelding.  I'm very excited about getting started with him.  His grandfather is Fappiano, who is known for producing event horses.  
Valid Adventure, fresh off the track.
I also acquired, Pine Island Girl.  She is a 2006 bay TB mare.   I am planning to breed her to Renn this spring and have a beautiful baby in 2012!  
Pine Island Girl the day after leaving the track.
All in all, I'm very excited about the start of 2011.  I hope everyone has a great year as well!

Until next time...kick on!