Thursday, January 13, 2011

A New Year is Here!

When I was little, all of the "grown-ups" would say, "Cherish your youth, because as you get older, time will fly!"  Wow, they weren't kidding!  I can't believe that we are in 2011!

The year has started off well so far.  Duncan C's Waterford, aka Newton, went off to his new home with Alex Harvey in Maryland.  They are getting along great, and he promises to send me pictures soon!  I'm so happy to have found such a great match for Newton.  

This past weekend, I had the great opportunity to ride with my coach, Kim Severson, at a local clinic.  The weather was horrendous, from pelting us with ice balls (think Dip N' Dots ice cream falling from the sky!), to 50+ mph winds, to 11 degrees in the mornings.  However, being the tough, dedicated eventers that we are, we all rode in the clinic and learned a ton.  

Bug is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!  I show jumped him with Kim both days, and let me just say, that horse is sooo amazing.  With the help of the vets at VA Tech and some of my close horsey friends, I came up with a new feed and supplement regime that seems to have been the perfect choice for my superstar boy.  He looks and feels better than ever!  Kim was very happy with how he looks and how well he is going.  I am still working on getting my eye back, but by the second day, we were totally in sync and getting every spot.  

Renn was also an amazing boy!  Once again, Kim was very happy with how he looks and how he's going.  He has become a completely different horse in the past year.  We also show jumped both days, and Kim had him jumping some BIG BOY jumps.  He rose to the challenge, though, and answered every question.  I am so thrilled with how well he's doing.  He definitely seems ready to go!

The next excitement for Rocky Start Stables will be the addition of another resale project and a new mare to breed Renn to!  Stay tuned for pics and information!

The 2011 show season is just about upon us, and I must say, the boys and I are very excited!  Bug will head out to his first event on Feb 2nd at Full Gallop Farm in Aiken.  

I hope to keep everyone updated regularly from now on!

Thanks for reading!  Kick on!