Friday, April 15, 2011

You can stick a Fork in me....

.....but I am NOT done. :)

So, once again, my competition weekend did not live up to my hopes and dreams and expectations.  The Fork is a lovely place.  It's one of my favorite events.  The facility is gorgeous, the show is well-run, and it's just one of those venues that makes you feel big time.  

As usual, Bug was great for his dressage warm-up.  He felt really good, and I was determined to get the test done.   I was NOT going to panic if he misbehaved.  As per his usual, Bug went in the arena and started to get a bit fresh.  However, instead of having a panic and forgetting to ride, I just kept putting my leg on.  I rode every corner and tried to be as accurate as I could.  He actually settled right away if I put my leg on instead of panicking.  I left the arena knowing that the score wouldn't be stellar, but proud of myself for not shutting down.  We ended up with a 41, which isn't great, but compared to what we've been getting, it's an improvement.  We're making headway.  

After walking the XC course with Kim, I was feeling like the course was tough, but that if I kept my head, we could get it done.  Unfortunately, I had a panic at one combination that led to a 20. :(  It was a large open oxer at the top of a small knoll, landing in 6 to a very real triple brush on an angle.  I didn't quite have Bug in hand enough, and he decided to jump the oxer HUGE (the photographer got a picture of it, and he's jumping at least a good foot over it).  Instead of landing and putting him on his feet to go forward to the triple brush, I panicked and just rode to the triple brush.  He never even saw it.  The rest of the course was quite good.  We are really starting to work as a team and get the right spots.  I was so disappointed that I caused that run-out.  Otherwise, it was one of our best runs.  

Unfortunately, my brain fart moments carried over to show jumping.  All those that know my horse, know that he wants to jump around clean.  If there are rails involved, it's all my fault.  Well, we had 2 rails....and I totally forgot where I was going on course and had to circle.  Thus, 12 sj penalties!  I was appalled.  My mind was so out of the game.  I couldn't seem to concentrate on what I was doing.  My horse put in a huge effort, and I failed.  

If nothing else, this has renewed my determination.  It was the kick in the pants that I needed.  I am working hard, and I WILL do well at the CIC** at Fairhill.  Poplar and The Fork were learning experiences, and I will take the knowledge that I obtained and put it to use.  I WILL NOT let my horse down.  

We are heading to Kim's next week for lessons and a vet check-up for Bug.  After that, we head to the CIC** at Fairhill for Easter weekend.  

Thank you to everyone who supports us!!  Bug loves having fans, and I love having the support.  Knowing there are people out there routing for you makes the determination even stronger.

Chin up and leg on!