Sunday, January 15, 2012

Always write in pencil...

I hope everyone had a great holiday season!  A lot of things have been going on here at RSS.

Unforunately, as with all things related to horses, things change quickly.  Just before Christmas, Bug decided to pop a doozy of an abscess.  It was bad enough, that we were worried he had fractured his coffin bone.  After x-raying, I was thrilled to find out that there was no fracture.  However, the abscess pocket could be seen on the xray.  It went from his sole all of the way up to his cornary band.  Now, it's a waiting game.  I have to wait until the laminae all fill back in.  He will get his shoe back on January 23rd, then we re-xray to check out what the pocket is doing.  I have been saying a lot of prayers for my boy! 
Of course, this means that the show schedule I had just painstakingly made up is now no longer.  haha  Oh well.  I have made up a new schedule...and I wrote very lightly in pencil!!

Renn has been quite the good little stallion.  He got to participate in the first show of the season for RSS.  I took him to TTC for the schooling CT and XC schooling.  He did the Prelim CT, and he was a lot better than I expected for his first trip out.  His scores in his dressage test were a 9 and five 8's in a row, and then we cantered.  :)  We are still working on getting him quiet in the canter, but I was THRILLED with the beginning of his test and the trotwork.  He was jumping super well in the show jumping, but I got stuck in letting him go too slow and didn't ride him forward enough.  I have been working so hard to get him rideable, that I forget to put my leg on when he's listening.  We had one rail and time, but I was still thrilled with him.  Just need to keep working on myself.  Isn't that always the story?  My plan for Renn is to compete him at Training all spring and then shoot to do the Training 3-Day at Heart of the Carolinas in May.  After talking with Bonnie, I think this is the best thing for him.  I want to take a step back and really get his confidence back.  His first recognized outing will be Feb 8th at Full Gallop Farm.

I am very excited about all of the sales horses that I have right now.  I still have Rosarita and Fame, which are coming along nicely in their training.  Due to veterinary issues, Whitfield has gone on to a new home, where he is happy and living it up.  I'm so happy that he found a great home.  I have two new horses here for sale.   I will post more about them once I've had them a bit longer.

I also had the pleasure of helping Morning Glory Sporthorses with the sale of their 2 year old Oldenburg filly, Glenn Kinchie.  Congrats to Jenn Church on her lovely new jumper prospect!

That's all for now!  Head up, heels down, kick on!