Friday, June 20, 2014

Where has the time gone??

Bug and I at the Fork this spring

Holy cow!  I can't believe we are halfway through June of 2014 already!  Time is flying by, and I'm having a hard time keeping up!!  I have been very remiss in my blogging duties.  It seems that the days are full and when I get in the house, all I want to do is eat dinner and go to bed.  Thus is the life of a horse person in the summer.

So many things have been going on here at RSS this year.  I'm not sure where to even begin!


Bug and I have been plugging along this year with some very awesome ups and some disheartening downs.  Being so green at the upper levels, I am definitely learning just what it takes to be a contender in this sport.  Bonnie and I decided that I should forego a spring three day in order to keep plugging away at my training. I know that my boy and I have what it takes to be top competitors, but we have a long way to go to get things all together.  I'm just so thankful that I have Bonnie to guide me!

Here is our tentative schedule for summer/fall:
June: Surefire HT Intermediate
July: Chatt Hills HT Intermediate
August:  Millbrook Advanced, Richland Park CIC***
September:  Five Points Advanced, Plantation CIC***
October:  Morven Park Advanced, Fair Hill International CCI***

I have also made the difficult decision to sell Hotty.  I love this mare to death, so I want to do right by her.  I think she would do best with an adult ammie or young rider who wants to start at BN/N and take their time and  just have fun with her.  I also think she would be amazing in the jumper ring, as she's a powerful, scopey jumper.  I will keep riding and training her in the meantime so she will only be better for that lucky person that gets to snatch her up!

I had the privilege of competing Renn's son, Fuerst Love, a bit this spring while his amazing owner, Catherine Schumak, was studying abroad for school.  This 5 year old is AMAZING, and is learning the ropes of eventing quite quickly.  He and I have one more competition together this weekend at Surefire, and then I will be handing the reins back to Catherine.

I'm super excited about a new horse that I have acquired, Delta Emperator.  He's an 8 year old OTTB gelding.  He has some body issues that we are working through, so I am taking my time with him.  It will be awhile before he makes an appearance out and about, but I can't wait until he does!  He's gorgeous and athletic.  We are bonding pretty quickly, and I'm totally in love.

A not so new addition to my "string" is Pine Island Girl, aka Ellie Mae, Twiggy's mom.  Unfortunately, Twiggy was so large that she altered how Ellie's repro organs are sitting.  She now retains urine in her uterus which makes it very difficult to get her bred.  I'm very disappointed by this, as Twiggy is drop dead gorgeous, but that's horses for you.  In light of this, Ellie has gone to work to learn to be an event horse.  She is a blast to ride and is coming along nicely.  We shall see if she likes this new life.

Sales Horses:

This has been a good spring for sales horses here.  Talladega, Arthuron, Voo Doo Vicky, Mardi Gras Gold, Must Be Thunder, and Love Like Crazy have all found wonderful new homes!  I love finding horses perfect new homes.

Imma Rockstar Too made his eventing debut this spring and really seems to enjoy this new job.  He's quite lovely in the dressage and is a blast to take XC.  This guy will be an awesome low level eventer and all around kind of guy for someone.  He's such a dream to work with on the ground.  Not to mention, he's flashy and beautiful!!

We have quite a few new sales horses coming in, so stay tuned!


With Renn not competing anymore, I have decided to allow him to go back to nature and do some pasture breeding.  He loves it!!  His spring has been full of mares, and his summer appears like it will be as well.  He has also done a few collections to be shipped for outside mares.  If all goes well with every mare, there should be 10 new Renn babies on the ground next year!

I am so in love with the babies that Renn is putting on the ground, and I just know that when they hit the show circuit, no matter what discipline, they're going to be amazing.  In light of this, I have decided to increase my broodmare herd, so that I have some options for myself and to sell.

For next year, these are my mares that will be bred:

Miss Ten Oaks, aka Oakley.  2005 OTTB mare.  16.1 hands.  Beautiful mover.  Fappiano and Seattle Slew lines.  Dam to RSS Tenth Rendition.  This foal will be a full sibling.  (Foal will be for sale)

Abstract Encounter, aka Abbey.  Paint/TB mare.  15.2 hands.  Well built and a sweetheart.  Dam to Fuerst Encounter.  This foal will be a full sibling.  (Foal will be for sale)

Skedaddle Fast, aka Skid.  2001 OTTB mare.  16.1 hands.  Eventing background.  Buckpasser and Seattle Slew lines.  (Foal will be for sale)

Con Fuego, aka Fuego.  1996 Canadian Sporthorse mare.  16 hands.  Evented through CCI*.  Half sibling to 4* horse, The Alchemyst.

True Class, aka Kate.  2008 Oldenburg/TB mare.  16.2 hands.  Sire is Saltue the Truth, Advanced eventer.  Dam is half sibling to Slate River, 4* horse.

The babies from last year are growing like weeds!  RSS Island Rendition, aka Twiggy, is almost 15 hands at just barely a year old!  I must say, she's drop dead gorgeous right now.  Heaven knows, she'll probably hit another awkward stage soon.  RSS Tenth Rendition, aka Duet, has finally hit an awkward stage!  She was perfectly proportioned for so long, it's hard to even recognize her.  Her big sister makes her look little, but she's a good size for her age.  She won't be a year old until October.


I have a decent amount of students, and I am loving them all.  Everyone comes to their lessons receptive and ready to learn!  I have a few that have been competing and more that will start this summer!


I'm super excited to announce the addition of Hastilow Competition Saddles USA to my list of sponsors.  Bug and my other horses are thrilled to have these saddles on their backs.  They immensely improve the way my horses go.  Check out their site, as they carry used saddles as well, and they can probably find the perfect saddle in your price range!

I'm so blessed to have such amazing sponsors!

There's a lot more things in the works, and I will update as soon as I can go public!!  I will try very hard to keep up with my blog in a more timely fashion.  :)

Until then.....  Eye on the prize!