Friday, June 1, 2012

Shame, Shame

I have been neglecting my duties to my personal blog!!   Life has been crazy, and I have been writing about Bug's journey for Eventing Nation.  Here are the links to his updates:

They have also asked me to be a writer in the official capacity.  Here is my first article!

Okay, that should catch everyone up on the goings on with Bug.  Now for some updates with the rest of the horses!

Renn takinga break from schooling the Prelim at The Fork

1.  Renn has been doing great!  He went to Fairhill in April to run the Training.  He proved to me that he was definitely ready to move up, as he was quite a good boy.  Unfortunately, he did put his left hip out of place after arriving home, so he had to miss the Heart of the Carolinas Training 3 Day in order to have a visit with the chiro.  I was very disappointed, as I was really looking forward to taking him!  However, the amazing chiro, Dr. Karla, put his hip back in place, and he got to go to the VAHT this past weekend and earn his big boy pants!  Renn was quite good for his first Prelim!  We are still sorting out saddle fit, thus his dressage wasn't great.  However, he was a great boy in both jumping phases, and I am proud to call him a Prelim horse!  He will get June off from competing and will hopefully be back out in July.

2.  Sales horse, Rosarita, has been sold to a dressage home!  I am sure that she will excel, as she was bred for that discipline and shows a lot of promise!  I hope we will see her in the show arena soon.

3.   Golden Altar (Zeus), was a semi-finalist in the Breeder's Bridge Contest with the Maddens.  He went home to be with his owner, Gina Woods.  Unfortunately, he was not chosen, but Gina is having a blast with him!!

Catoctin Moon competing at The Ark

4.  Sales horse, Catoctin Moon (Moe), has been getting better and better all spring.  He went to The Ark the beginning of April for the Novice and had a tense dressage, but he went on to have great sj and xc rounds.  Moe also went along to VAHT this past weekend to compete in the Novice.  We finally got it together for the dressage, and he scored a 33!  This horse is an amazing mover, and I knew he was capable of great scores, but I just had to figure out how to eliminate his tenseness at shows.  I was so proud of him!!  He was a bit distracted in the SJ, as it was in the coliseum, costing us two rails, but he went on to jump a great double clear XC.  He ended up 6th in a big Open Novice division.  This horse is going to give someone a lot of fun!

Une Grace showing off her moves at Full Gallop Farm

5.  Sales horse, Une Grace (Gracie), owned by Morning Glory Sporthorses, has been fabulous!  This mare is amazing!  She is going to make someone an amazing horse.  She is beautiful, a great mover, honest, and scopey.  What more can you ask for in a young horse?  Someone needs to snatch her up!

6.  Storm Boomer (Boomer), also owned by Morning Glory Sporthorses, is really coming along in his training.  He has an eccentric soul, but once I figured him out, he has come along so quickly.  This horse can JUMP!  He is going to be an amazing hunter/jumper. 

7.  Me Fuerst (Mia), my orphan filly by Renn, turned 3 the end of April and will be starting her life as a horse in training!  I am hoping that she loves to event, but I always try to listen to my horses.  If she wants to do something else, that is fine too!  I just love this filly.  She is well built, a lovely mover, and she has the best brain!  She has been lunging in the surcingle like she's been doing it all of her life. 

I think that covers most of the bases right now.  I will check in again after Bromont!

Kick on!