Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My own worst enemy...

I know that it's been awhile since I last blogged.  I hope this all finds everyone well!

After Waredaca, I went home and started to work hard with the boys.  I've been riding in what I like to call, "Bonnie Bootcamp" every week that I can.  We have been working hard on Bug's dressage and my show jumping, as well as Renn's show jumping.  I am determined to learn how to ride! :)  We also had a XC schooling session with Renn, and he was a superstar.  He jumped a lot of difficult combinations like a pro.

I took Bug to the Five Points Horse Trials the beginning of September.  I had a plan for our dressage, and it seemed to really work.  He was the most relaxed and supple that he's ever been in a test.  There's always more work to be done, but I felt like it was a big improvement.  As far as the judge goes, though, we only scored about 2 points better than Waredaca.  Oh well.  The XC was a big, gallopy course.  The optimum was just under 7 minutes, so I knew this would be a good test of whether we could make time on a longer course or not.  Bug was a superstar!  He was forward and bold.  We had one sticky moment going through the sunken road, as we've never done a proper one before.  I got a bit zoned on the A, B, C, D...lots of flags to overwhelm me!  Bug was great though and packed me through.  Other than that, we had a great round.  We were only 13 seconds over time!  If we had been more forward through the sunken road, that would have saved us even more time.  I was thrilled with him.  This put us in 6th place!

I walked the SJ course on Sunday with a bit of trepidation.  It was a very forward course, and I was already worried about  making the distances without the chip stride.  This led to me not quite finding my mojo in the warm-up and just running at things in the course.  We ended up with 3 rails, which is unheardof with Bug.  I was actually a bit worried that he was sore somewhere.  So, this dropped us down to 8th place. 

I was very bummed, but it definitely gave me more to work on.  I also learned that I need to really learn how to acquire mental toughness. 

Bonnie and I have been working hard on the boys ever since.  We are headed to Morven Park this weekend, where Bug will do his last Intermediate before the CCI** at Fairhill, and Renn will do Training. 

Also, in other news, I have 2 new consignment horses in.  Whitfield is a 2005 Hanoverian gelding by Wildcard.  He is 17 hands and a lovely blood bay.  He is a bit more of a sensitive being, but I think he will make someone a great horse.  Rosarita is a 2005 Hanoverian mare by Rolling Stone.  She is 16.1 and a lovely liver chestnut.  She is bold and very sensible and willing.  I also think she's going to be a lot of fun!  There will also be another horse arriving sometime in the near future. Fame de Bromont is a 2001 Oldenburg mare by Waldorf.  She is 16.2, I believe, and also a very lovely liver chestnut with a lot of chrome. 

Hopefully, this fall will be a great time for Rocky Start Stables and its students!  I'm excited to work hard and see how things pan out.

Until then...heels down, head up!