Thursday, June 16, 2011

So Blessed...

I know, I know!  I just blogged a few days ago, and I'm back!

Here are a few pics of Bugger doing his thing at the Jersey Fresh CCI**.  Love that horse!

Congratulations are in order for Rocky Start student, Maddie Whisnant!  Her parents bought her a new horse for her 13th birthday.  His name is "My Daddy's Cash," and he's a 10 year old Appaloosa/TB cross.  He is quite fancy, and we are excited to help Maddie with her progress with Cash!

Check out this article that was written about Renn and Rocky Start Stables!!
Equine Globe, June 2011

We are doing a lot of work in preparation for our big trip north to both of the Maryland Horse Trials.  Catherine Schumak and her horse, Mr. Secretagentman, will also be making the trip.  We are very excited.

Until next time!!  Enjoy this break in the heat!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Love what you do...

Wow, I have really been remiss in my blogging!  Life has been full since I last posted, but I will try to be short and sweet. :)

1.  Bug and I got our CIC** qualifying round at Fairhill International the end of April.  His dressage improved vastly from the CIC at Poplar.  He skipped around all of the questions on XC, though I did go very slow due to the muddy footing.  Our show jumping left a lot to be desired.  We had one rail, which should never happen with this horse.  I rode very backward throughout the course.  I left Fairhill with a mission to improve our show jumping quite a bit.

2.  Bug and I completed our first CCI** at Jersey Fresh!  Our dressage was less than stellar, as I got a bit of a case of nerves and didn't really ride at all.  Add that to less than forgiving judges, and you get a not so spectacular score.  :(  However, Bug went on to conquer the VERY TOUGH XC course.  It was over 9 minutes long.  I was worried about Bug's fitness, as I had never run anything this long.  Also, I find that I really haven't gotten a good feel for 570 yet.  I think I'm flying when I'm really not.  haha  Anyway, Bug jumped through everything with ease.  I definitely crossed the finish line with a HUGE smile on my face.  He definitely has what it takes to compete at the top levels.  He LOVES his job.  We experienced a LOT of rain the night before show jumping, making the footing less than stellar.  Combine that with a bit of nerves, and you have some backward jumps at the beginning of our show jump course.  However, unlike at Fairhill, I realized what was going on and kicked on to a great last half of the course.  We were the first double clear show jumping of the day, and one of only 7 total double clears out of 30+ rides.  We completed our first CCI** in 18th place.  I am so thrilled.  Now, it's onward and upward to kick some butt in the CCI** at Fairhill this fall!  I have a lot of work to do.  My goal is to start completing in the top 6 at everything I do.  I truly believe we can get it together and make this happen!  He got a vacation after Jersey and is returning to work now.  His next outing will be the second of the Maryland Horse Trials.  Check out his XC video from Jersey!

3.  Renn completed two Training events at The Ark and the Virginia Horse Trials.  His dressage is improving daily, and he is a machine on the XC!  Unfortunately, our record shows a "20" at The Ark.  He jumped into the water with quite a leap and landed on all 4's.  He jolted me on landing, and I had to circle before going to the rolltop out of the water.  However, he's such a great ride on the XC.  His show jumping has been a lot better, though, he did have quite a few rails at VA.  I believe that was mostly because of great distraction in the coliseum.  The plan is to do Training at the first Maryland Horse Trials and move him up to Prelim at the second.  I am very proud of my baby stallion!

4.  I am excited to announce that Renn is being bred to 3 outside mares this month.  Elaine Ohler, one of my best friends from college, is breeding two of her lovely mares, a TB mare and a Paint mare.  Also, Carrie Hatfield of Michigan is breeding her lovely Trakener event mare, Tiki.  I love to follow the progress of Renn's babies, as I believe they are quite talented!

5.  Speaking of Renn's babies, "Spicy Rendition," owned by Paula Giammatteo, made her debut in the Hunter in-Hand classes at the Sandhills Classic.  She placed 1st in the 2 year olds class!  I am so thrilled to have one of Renn's first babies out and about in the show world already.  Congrats to Paula and Pepper!

6.  In more Renn baby news, congratulations to Catherine Schumak on the purchase of "Fuerst Love"!  It will be a lot of fun to assist Catherine in the training and competing of this very special Renn baby. 

I think that is the majority of the big news from Rocky Start.  :)  I would like to remind everyone to give their horses a big kiss and hug.  After hearing about the fire at True Prospect, it makes me realize that no matter what happens in the show ring, we must always remember that we are just so blessed to be around these incredible animals.  I thank God every day for blessing me, and I pray that my ponies will stay happy, healthy, and sound!

Until next time!  Stay cool!